Our Second Prayer Call Was Powerful

Tonight at 6pm EST our co-founders, Lavonya Jones and Natasha Foreman Bryant shared with callers what WIE is all about, and why they are focused on connecting women in entertainment together in and through prayer. We will be posting the call online for you to review, but below please read some highlights of tonight’s call:

Lavonya shared some powerful words about the importance of us realizing the gifts that God has for us and that what He has for you, is for you—and if you ignore the gifts that He has given you then how can you expect to express yourself as His creation?

Lavonya shared how frustrating it is to watch people squander their gifts and talents, while obsessed with what other people seem to have—not realizing how much they could possibly have in their own lives if only they used their gifts and talents as God expects of them.

She also shared the importance of steadying ourselves through life’s storms, real and spiritual. We have to believe that God has us no matter what. We have to believe that God will see us through no matter what. We have to believe that as our Creator, there is nothing that He can’t do and nowhere that He can’t go. There aren’t any limits when it comes to God.

Here’s a quote from Lavonya that definitely hits home for those of us working in male-dominated industries, like entertainment:

If you’re second guessing your role in the entertainment industry, trust that God will show you the way” Lavonya said that there will be times when the pressures from work will make you question why you are enduring it, if this was meant for you, if you’re cut out for the weight—but know that God knew the step you would take before you took it, and He will never let you go where He can’t protect you.

Then Lavonya “passed the mic” to Natasha who led us in reflection, affirmation, and prayer. Natasha combined and connected Lavonya’s powerful message to the following affirmation and Bible passages:

The apostle Paul wasn’t just given the unique gift of contentment; it wasn’t automatically synced to his personality; it was rather a skill that he chose, adopted, mastered, and then applied to his personal “storms”. Because of his ability to do so he could then say with all assurances:

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want” – Philippians 4:11-12 NIV

Natasha then connected with Lavonya’s discussion on our ability to embrace our God-given gifts and to stop hating on others for embracing theirs. Natasha shared the affirmation, “I WILL embrace my God-given uniqueness and celebrate the distinctions He has placed in others,” and then she shared Jeremiah 1:5 NLT: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart” Natasha said that there is no other relationship in the world like the one we have with God, for no other person, being, or energy has ever had the connection with us like God’s. He knew us before our parents did, before our mothers even knew we were forming in their wombs. So if we are to be content, if we are do as Lavonya shared—look within at our gifts and blessings and use them fully, we must also find the peace within to smile and praise God’s name through the bad times as much as we do through the good times.

Natasha shared a prayer for all women in entertainment-related industries, for Lavonya (for listening to God and bringing the idea of WIE so that it could become a reality), and for all of God’s children. She then “passed the mic” back to Lavonya who led us through a closing prayer that addressed our fears, insecurities, failures, stresses, and more.

Lavonya and Natasha ended the call with parting words and reminders for ladies to email prayer requests to wieprayer@gmail.com and to save the date for our next prayer call, which is scheduled for Sunday, November 22nd at 6pm EST.

But this of course is just a super brief recap of tonight’s call. There’s more power in hearing that message for yourself. We’ll be posting a link to the call later, so please stay tuned—and please spread the word to every woman that you know who works in entertainment, tv, film, music, art, media, sports, etc. We need to come together to lift each other up. Too many of us have been on the giving or receiving end of tearing women down. We need to pray for each other with more purpose, passion, and intentionality than it takes to gossip about each other.

We look forward to your calls, prayers, prayer requests, comments, suggestions, and support as we take this journey. We thank you in advance!

With Love,

Lavonya and Natasha


Our Second Prayer Call October 25th


Thank you for participating in our first prayer call. After that call we decided that meeting every quarter just wasn’t good enough. We felt that the gaps in time were just too extreme. So we decided to switch from a quarterly call to a monthly call.

We will be connecting with all of you via phone and web at 6pm EST on Sunday, October 25th.

Please email us your prayer requests to: wieprayer@gmail.com

Hello ladies!

Welcome to the Women In Entertainment Prayer Group!

We’re so excited to have you with us, joined together in a sisterhood, supported by God’s love. To start, we will meet quarterly by conference call, and then as we grow and the need for more calls becomes crystal clear, we will then meet more frequently.

Stay tuned for more details about our first call and how you take part in our hour of prayer and empowerment.